About Us

Munt Solutions is a Ghanaian and USA based Information Technology (IT) company founded by M. Siddique of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology Graduate School and M. Nadhir of Penn State University, USA. Our office is in Kumasi, Ghana. The company started operations on 10th January 2009 in Kumasi, Ayigya Zongo under the name Munt Information Technology (MIT). MIT later grew into both service and product based Information Technology Company.

We currently provide Information Communication and Technology (ICT) consultancy services, Training, Website Design and management, Web hosting, Graphics design, and Networking services to clients across the globe.

We understand how important online interaction is in this day in age, and we know how to contribute to making a better world by creating and employing the very powerful online technologies that connect people together. Under Munt Solutions, we consider our systems and websites as an automated robotic representative that speaks on behalf of the people. Thus, we strive for excellent design and programme with care, creativity, and passion.

We believe in problem-solving using best practices in education and research. Whatever your dreams are, we can guarantee you functional systems that fit into your ideas or dreams.

Area of operation

As an Information Communication Technology company, we focus on the use of the application of information technology both within the Enterprise setting and for individuals. Our core areas of operation within the IT industry are in the areas of Computer Networking and Security, Graphics Design, Information Management Systems, Web Design and management, and Mobile applications.


What we do and how we do them is based solidly on our mission, which is to support ‘Sustainable projects’ with ‘Versatile I.T’. Our goal of being a company that will make an impact on Africa and the world at large through the use of technology is hugely based on our mission and tagline, these two represents what we believe and why we exist as a company.


Our mission has made us a company that believes in the best rather than in cash. We strive for excellence and work to positively impact others.